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You can buy Propecia online easier when you start with our Canada Propecia Price Comparison makes it easier to find cheaper Propecia Finasteride prescriptions. ...

This drug is an expensive brand name drug. However, ordering from a Canadian Pharmacy will save up to 50%, or more, off the price charged by a United States Pharmacy. Shopping around will result in even greater savings. We have already done the shopping for you.

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If you're seeking value when you buy Propecia online, you owe it to yourself to shop a Canadian Pharmacy. Getting the Canadian prescription discount helps satisfy every cheap prescription drug seeker's desire for savings. Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com is your quick source to satisfy your craving for savings.

Propecia is readily and easily available from our recommended Canadian pharmacy. Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com has already located the best suppliers for you.

Our listings greatly simplify your research, shopping and price comparison. Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com has already researched the cheapest prescription drug suppliers for you.

Why it's so much cheaper to buy Propecia online from Canada?

In Canada prescription drug prices are regulated by the Canadian government and its agency, Health Canada. Prescription prices are kept at a more affordable level than in the United States. That's one important reason why Canadian Pharmacies have so much cheaper prescription drug prices.

Another reason for cheap Canadian online prescription drug prices, relative to the United States, is the relative strength of the US Dollar. US dollars purchase more Canadian prescription goods for less.

Canada Prescription Propecia Price Guide: How Can You Buy Propecia Cheaper From Canada?

Listed below are the cheap Propecia prices Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com has found for you. Also included are links to take you directly to the Canadian Propecia suppliers we located for you.

Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com is proud to recommend the following Propecia suppliers. Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com has scoured the Internet for the best Canadian Online Pharmacies. Please feel free to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We conducted an indepth Propecia price survey of every Canadian Online Pharmacy we could find. We considered price first. Service and reputation were important considerations also. The clear winners are presented on this site, Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com.

For Canadian prescription ordering instructions, please visit Our Pharmacy Sources Resource Page.

Remember, the only good cheap prescription drug is a safe cheap prescription drug. In many cases, unless otherwise noted, the prescription drugs shipped from these Canadian online pharmacies will be the exact same drugs you would receive from your local pharmacy. Same Drug, Same Benefits, Huge Savings!

We only recommend REAL Canadian Pharmacies. Every company mentioned on Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com either is an actual pharmacy located in Canada or represents an actual pharmacy located in Canada. No Exceptions!

Presented in Alphabetical Order:

Last Shopped: 2004/12/29 AWP or Average Wholesale Price $57.36 per 30 pills as of 2004/06/10

Buy Propecia Online
Canada Prescription Price Comparison -the Five Best Prices

Online Pharmacy Price Quantity Price per pill Shipping
ABCOnlinePharmacy.com $129.99 84 $1.548 $10.00
Aptecha.com $42.99 28 $1.536 $15.00
CanadaPayLessRx.com $38.99 28 $1.393 $15.00
CanadaPharmacy.com $135.00 84 $1.608 $10.00
CanuckDrugs.com $110.94 84 $1.321 $15.00

Prices are in US Dollars
Click on the links for our detailed pharmacy reviews for each recommended pharmacy.

ABCOnlinePharmacy.com is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Aptecha.com is located in Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada.
CanadaPayLessRx.com is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
CanadaPharmacy.com is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
CanuckDrugs.com is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Before you buy Propecia Online, be sure to review our Canadian pharmacy recommendations.

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