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Canadian Online Prescriptions Save You Money On Your Cholesterol Medications

A wise shopper can achieve significant savings by buying their cholesterol medications online through a Canada pharmacy. ...

Not only are the brand-name medications less expensive but there are also generic alternatives available to many of the medications that are not available in the United States.

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Canadian online prescription guide.com has compiled price comparisons for all the cholesterol medications offered by Canada pharmacies.

If you take cholesterol drugs, you may think that it is unaffordable. Well, you are about to find out just how affordable your cholesterol medicines can be through a Canada pharmacy.

You'll find our list of cholesterol medications available from a Canada pharmacy below. Click on the links provided to take you to the individual price comparison pages. You'll find at least 10 price quotes on your cholesterol medicine from the top-rated Canadian pharmacies on the Internet.

You're probably thinking that these kind of savings are impossible. Well, the savings are not only possible, they are relatively commonplace when you buy your cholesterol medications through a Canada pharmacy.

The price for your cholesterol prescription filled in Canada is so low for several reasons:

  • The Canadian government agency Health Canada strictly regulates the price of prescription drugs. Health Canada fills much the same role as the United States agency Food and Drug Administration. In addition to price regulation, Health Canada also regulates the quality and availability of prescription drugs.
  • Another reason to price for your cholesterol medication is so low from a Canada pharmacy is because of the relative strength of the United States in dollar to the Canadian dollar. Simply put, your United States dollars by more in Canada.
  • In addition, the Canadian government does not permit the big drug companies to market their drugs direct to consumer. In other words, the Canadian consumer does not subsidize the outrageous advertising costs associated with direct to consumer advertising. Canadian consumers don't pay for Super Bowl ads, celebrity spokespeople, or award-winning commercials.
  • Lastly, there are many cholesterol medications that are available in their generic form in Canada. Filling your Canadian cholesterol prescription with the less expensive generic drug will often save you 50 percent all by itself.

You might think that getting these terrific savings on your cholesterol medication is complicated or lots of work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having your prescription filled in Canada is simple and is no more work than any other mail order prescription.

You should plan ahead. United States Customs can delay the arrival of your medication by days. So never wait until you're completely out of your cholesterol medication to reorder from a Canada pharmacy. Always order at least 2 weeks in advance.

Some of our recommended Canada pharmacies only accept credit cards. Your cholesterol medication will arrive faster when you pay with a credit card. Some Canadian pharmacies will accept your personal check. However, your personal check may take up to four weeks to clear the bank.

Our cholesterol medication list details which medications are available from a Canada pharmacy. We have listed the medications by both brand name and generic name. If you are unable to find your medication on the list, please contact us with any questions. We will find your cholesterol medication if it is at all available in Canada.

Canadian Cholesterol Medications

Presented in Alphabetical Order by Brand Name and Generic: Brand / Generic -Click on the link to see the price survey. Generic / Brand -Click on the link to see the price survey.

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