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Different Brand Names Add Up To Significant Canadian Savings

Some of the prescription drugs sold in Canada bear different brand names than the drugs sold in the United States. ...

The active ingredients, however, are the same with both brands.

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The only difference you might notice will be the appearance and, of course, the drastically lower price

Here are the drugs we have found so far that have different brand names in Canada. You can click on the text link to go to our in-depth price comparisons on each drug.

Different Brand Drug Names

Examples Of Different Drug Brand Names
In United States and Canada
In USA In Canada Strength
Aciphex Pariet 10mg, 20mg
Aceon Coversyl 2mg, 4mg
Augmentin Clavulin 500/125mg, 875/125mg
Bumex Burinex 1mg
Clarinex Aerius 5mg
Claritin D 24Hr. Liberator 10/240mg
Danocrine Cyclomen 50mg, 100mg, 200mg
Depakote Epival 125mg, 250mg, 500mg
Detrol LA Unidet 2mg, 4mg
Mobic Mobicox 7.5mg, 15mg
Myambutol Etibi 400mg
Prandin Gluconorm 0.5mg, 1mg, 2mg
Prilosec Losec 10mg, 20mg
Probenicid Benuryl 500mg
Protonix Pantoloc 40mg
Toprol XL Lopresor SR 100mg, 200mg
Zebeta Monocor 5mg, 10mg
Zetia Ezetrol 10mg
Zyrtec Reactine 10mg

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