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Our Negative Calorie Diet Review - All You Need To Know About The Negative Calorie Diet Book

Why the Negative Calorie Diet? Well, it just made sense to me. ...

Mostly, I wanted to be able to make a judgement on whether it worked or not. Even though it made sense logically, I wanted to make sure.

As a pharmacist, I have patients ask almost every day what I think of this or that fad diet or alternative therapy. So I feel like I should have some perspective to offer them.

So I bought the Negative Calorie Diet ebook. Then I dived in!

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First off, let me say it is very easy to read. The book moves along and the chapters really flow. There is nothing worse than a dry piece of non-fiction! Not so here.

I read the whole thing in a little over an hour.

Of course, the whole notion is based on the premise that some foods have less calories that it takes to prepare and eat them. Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that some foods make you fat and some don't. It follows that some foods make you thin (or at least less fat) and some don't.

We're not going into a scientific discussion here, so don't worry!

The book starts off with motivation. Motivation is the most important ingredient, no matter what you try to do.

The Negative Calorie Diet ebook takes a lot of the work out of dieting. The author plans out 7 days of weight loss and states that you should lose at least one pound each day.

The book also has many recipes, tips on breathing right and exercises. Everything you need to know o lose weight on the Negative Calorie Diet.

The list of negative calorie foods really makes it seem like you can eat as much as you want. I only found a few foods on the list that I didn't really care for. I also found a lot of foods I really enjoy on the list.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the format. The book is actually downloadable software. I much prefer .pdf files.

I worked around this minor inconvenience, however. I installed and opened the book. Then I copied and pasted all the text to a Word file. Then I deleted the software. Now I have the ebook without the software on my computer.

All in all, I think this ebook is worth the small price. I also believe the Negative Calorie Diet works. Stay tuned for updates.

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