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Here's Where To Contact The Canada Pharmacy Regulatory Associations

In the unlikely event you have some unresolved problem, you will want to contact the Canada Pharmacy Regulatory Association responsible.

Please note that all of the pharmacies profiled and listed on our pages promise to do everything possible to make your Canadian Online Prescription experience as rewarding and easy as possible.

Having said that, we all know that it is impossible for everyone to 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

If, for whatever reason, you and the pharmacy can't work a disagreement, there is a higher authority to turn to. These regulatory associations will gladly help you resolve a possible dispute.

DO NOT, however, expect to be able to return an item that has left the pharmacy, unless it was sent to you in error. Would you want to buy any item, especially drugs, that has been out of the pharmacist's control? We know we wouldn't! And no regulatory agency would expect the pharmacy to accept such a return. As a matter of fact, accepting such returns would violate Canadian pharmacy regulations.

Any business's bread and butter is return customers. Our Canadian pharmacies are no different. They all want you happy and satisfied with their services and products.

Please also report any problems to us at Canadian-Online-Prescription-Guide.com. We want your feedback! Thanks!

For Pharmacies Located In British Columbia (BC)

College of Pharmacists of British ColumbiaCollege of Pharmacists of British Columbia
Write, call, fax or email- College of Pharmacists of British Columbia
#200 -1765 W 8th Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6J-5C6 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-663-1940
Toll Free Fax:   1-800-377-8129
Email: info@bcpharmacists.org Website: College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

For Pharmacies Located In Manitoba (MB)

Manitoba Pharmaceutical AssociationManitoba Pharmaceutical Association
Write, call, fax or email- College of Pharmacists of Manitoba
200 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R2H-1A7 Phone: 1-204-233-1411
Fax:   1-204-237-3468
Email: info@cphm.ca Website:   Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association

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