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Cheap Prescription Drugs
-Save Even More With Generics From Canadian On Line Pharmacies

Cheap prescription drugs are even cheaper when you switch to the generic versions available from Canadian pharmacies on line. Some of these generic versions are available only from a Canadian Online Pharmacy.

Our listing of these generic drugs simplifies your research. Canadian Online Prescription Guide.com has already researched these generics for you. Please take advantage of our hard work.

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Cheap Prescription Drugs
-What You Should Know About Generic Canadian Drugs

A generic drug is a drug that is deemed to be identical in every respect to a brand name drug except that it is manufactured by a different company. The strength and active ingredient are the same for both prescription products...

In Canada, six well-known, reputable manufacturing companies make the vast majority of generic drugs available. Most of these same companies are also familiar to US pharmacists. These companies' other generic drug products (the ones whose US patent has already expired) are already stocked on US pharmacy shelves.

A generic drug must be proven equivalent to a brand name drug. Government health agencies perform a series of rigorous tests. These tests are in addition to the tests performed by the manufacturer. Only after these tests can the generic version be considered as effective as the brand name drug. Neither the government nor the manufacturer wants the drug on the market unless it's safe and effective.

In Canada, as in most states in the US, the government requires pharmacists to dispense the generic version of a drug, where available. Only the patient's or doctor's preference overrides this requirement.

Please remember to tell the Canadian pharmacy if you want to pay more for the brand name drug.

Generic substitution of drugs saves money. Lots of money!!!

Cheap Prescription Drugs:
Generic Drugs Available Only From Canadian Online Pharmacys

Prescriptions are cheaper in Canada

The following drugs are available generically from your Canadian On Line Pharmacy.

The drugs on this list are not available in generic form at your local pharmacy or even from your US mail order pharmacy. These generic drugs are only available by Canadian Online Prescription, your best source for cheap prescription drugs. Delivery right to your door!

Cheap Prescription Drugs Made Simple
Follow the links for specific prices and drug information.

Listed Alphabetically by Brand and Generic Names
Brand Name / Generic Name
and Generic Name / Brand Name

Alendronate / Fosamax
Carvedilol / Coreg
Celexa / Citalopram
Cetirizine / Zyrtec
Citalopram / Celexa
Conjugated Estrogens / Premarin
Coreg / Carvedilol
Depakote / Divalproex
Diflucan / Fluconazole
Divalproex / Depakote
Fenofibrate / Tricor
Fluconazole / Diflucan
Fosamax / Alendronate
Gabapentin / Neurontin
Lamictal / Lamotrigine
Lamotrigine / Lamictal
Lamisil / Terbinafine
Lariam / Mefloquine
Mefloquine / Lariam
Meloxicam / Mobic
Mobic / Meloxicam
Neurontin / Gabapentin
Pravachol / Pravastatin
Pravastatin / Pravachol
Retrovir / Zidovudine
Premarin / Conjugated Estrogens
Retrovir / Zidovudine Sertraline / Zoloft
Simvastatin / Zocor
Terbinafine / Lamisil
Tricor / Fenofibrate
Zidovudine / Retrovir
Zocor / Simvastatin
Zoloft / Sertraline
Zyrtec / Cetirizine

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More Cheap Prescription Drugs

Many other generic drugs are also available through your Canadian On Line Pharmacy. More cheap prescription drugs can be found on
Our Top 200 Drugs Page.

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